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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Webinar Opportunity

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I am going to host a webinar tomorrow night. Please consider joining me to chat about teaching elementary science.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let the Cyber Search Begin!

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Darn... you just missed Cyber Search Monday.  What a bummer.  Fortunately, the links to our blogs/websites are still linked up below.  If you want to take a look around and purchase the items you missed, please do.  Don't get left out again.  Subscribe to my blog and you will be sure to read about the next great event. Thanks for stopping by.

While it is only Sunday here in the Eastern US, it is definitely Monday halfway around the world so...  Cyber Monday has officially begun.  Don't worry, it won't end until the very last time zone rings in at midnight Aug. 8th.   Whether you're just getting started or I am the last stop on your treasure hunt, be sure to grab your copy of my 5 E's Unit Plan - Electricity - It's Elementary.

This file normally sells for $5.00 on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store,
but today it can be downloaded for FREE right here.

This unit is great for anyone who teaches about electricity.  It can be used to enhance an existing curriculum and/or science kit or used as a stand-alone.  Don't have a kit with supplies?  Don't worry.  This unit includes ideas for re-purposing common household items or using the typical kits you may already have.  Students love to learn using my simulations and I have found that simulations build student interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers.

Just click on the file menu in the google docs window below and choose download to get it  right now.

If you like this item, please consider visiting my store and sharing a link to my blog with others, but hurry ... This PDF is only active for 1 day!  You could also leave a comment below.

Once you've picked up my freebie, choose another website on the list and hop over there to check things out. Look for the blue CyberSearch buddy button to find more freebies. There are over $85 worth of materials you can snag.  Bookmark any pages you like so you can come back and check them out later!  You never know what great tips and information we'll share next.

Cyber Search Showcase Sellers and Websites

Thanks to Laura Candler for setting this up.  If you aren't already receiving her newsletter, be sure to sign up here, or follow her facebook page here.

*You are downloading copyrighted material for classroom use only.  Please do not distribute it in any form, including copying it for other teachers or posting it online.  Thank you for understanding.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Going Buggy for Friday Tech Freebies!

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So I was reading through my Daily Diigo updates and came across some things that have me going absolutely BUGGY! 

Here you can sign up for a 1 hr. time slot to interactively control an $800,000 scanning electron microscope and use the build-in chat to send questions to scientists. Free.  I thought, no way but I was wrong.  It's for real and within minutes I was able to send my request for a time slot in October.  Just make sure you plan ahead because there is often a  6 week waiting period.

Are you looking for effective technology-based tools for the K-12 classroom? How about a way to access primary sources and generate engaging learning experiences? If so, I think you may be looking for Primary Access, a suite of free online tools that allows students and teachers to use primary source documents to complete meaningful and compelling learning activities with digital movies, storyboards, rebus stories and other online tools.

When was the last time your district purchased new textbooks?  Whether you are going paperless or your textbooks are just out of date you might be interested in an online warehouse with FREE textbooks.

Hope you are going Buggy for my Friday Tech Freebies too!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Calling All Elementary Science Teachers

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I am well known in our school for saying "My number one priority is safety!" I guess that's because teaching in the science lab raises plenty of opportunity for "accidents". As a new school year approaches I highly recommend my elementary lab safety contract. During the first week of school, I review this contract with each of my classes and require both student and parent to sign it. I always plan an introductory lab the day after I send it home for homework. Students know that if they don't have it signed and returned they have to sit at "observation island" (a remote seat with a clipboard and some paper) to record what others are doing. It only takes 1 student having to do that 1 time and the contracts all come flooding in. As a matter of fact, word travels quickly in elementary schools and my previous students have warned the newbies. I haven't had someone sit at observation island in the past 2 years. So, if I have piqued your interest and safety is a concern in your science class, click the link and download my FREE science safety contract.
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