Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Modifying Assignments for Students with Special Needs

Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of Screencasting.  To further illustrate how this works, I have uploaded an example to schooltube.  I have a student who requires read aloud modifications for testing.  Check out this screencast to see how I am able to give her these accommodations utilizing a separate computer setting while the other students participate in a regular testing environment.
Modified Testing Sample

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  1. I read the test on my own or with my first class and record it on my mac with the built in microphone. I then put that mp3 onto class ipods so if a students needs to take it later I can let them borrow the ipod. If I have another class that I have to read the test to I just play the audio file off my ipod over the speakers for the whole class. This saves me time and my voice!


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