Monday, June 26, 2017

Flipgrid Certified

I am so excited to share the news.  I just became Flipgrid Certified!
Fantastic, you say?
Wow, that's great - you say?
What in the world does that mean - you say?

Let me tell you...

Flipgrid is this incredible tool that I was introduced to this past spring.  People are constantly asking me - "where do you find this stuff?"  Typically my answer is "Tweetchats."  If you don't participate in Tweetchats, you don't know what you are missing.  That's a whole other post though.

Flipgrid is a way to give your students a voice and an audience.  It is a way to hear what every student has to say about a topic.  It is a way to increase accountability.  It is a way to engage students with the multimedia that captures their attention outside of class.

Is it FREE? I know that is your next question.
Yes and no. Like all great tech, there is a free level and a paid level.  You can absolutely get by on the free level.  I sure have been.  If and when you become SOLD on the benefits of the tool, you might decide the upgrade is worth it.  I will probably utilize the resources of Donorschoose to seek funding to upgrade for the new school year. That is also a topic for another post.

How do I use it? - you ask...
Start by creating your admin account.  Add a grid. (you only get 1 for free but that is ok because you get unlimited topics) Add your first topic and then share out the code using whatever method you prefer (Google classroom, email, Twitter, Remind101, etc.)

Students use the code to join.  They record their response (up to 90 seconds) and snap a selfie.  That's it!

Here are a few of my brainstorm ideas for using this really awesome tool...
1. Student responses to center work - increase accountability while you meet with a small group.
2. Group storytelling.  The first person to record would start the story. The 2nd person continues from where the 1st left off and so on.  This way, students must watch each of the responses in front of theirs.  This idea takes a little more management because you do not want 2 people recording a response at the same time.  Try giving the code to 1 student on an index card or sticky note and having them hand it off to another student when they finish with it.
3. Reading response. So many possibilities here.  
4. Math talk.  Take it digital. Show the work you did on a dry erase board and walk us through your thinking.

I could go on and on and on.  In fact, I will probably dedicate several blog posts to specific Flipgrid topics throughout the coming school year.

Seriously, if you haven't already clicked the link I think it's time.
Go check out Flipgrid now!

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