Thursday, January 13, 2011

Double Dose

My goodness, the day just slipped away from me and I completely forgot to post a favorite link so I guess I'll make up for it with a double dose of two favorites.

I was recently reminded of the Monster Project.  This is great for encouraging young scientists to be clear when communicating with others.  In this project, students create their own monster and then write directions for someone else to follow as they try to recreate the monster as an exact match if possible.  What is even more exciting about this project is that students get to collaborate with others around the globe! This is especially fun near Halloween but the current project is still open for registration until Sat.

If you're into project based learning and inquiry based learning then you probably use rubrics for assessment.
You'll want this tool!  RCampus.  This is my 1st stop when developing a rubric.  It is really so much more.  My favorite part is that any rubric I create can be saved and if I make it live then I can attach it to a class roster online and click my way to completing my assessments.  It's a super cool time saving tool!  As a matter of fact, my interview is one of the featured case studies on the site.

So there you have my double dose for the day.  Hope you can find something useful here to make up for my forgetfulness.

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